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Replace spreadsheets, automate processes and build user controlled, audited applications fast with our no-code platform DataKraft and our Elite expertise


  • No Audit trail and accountability

  • No user access control

  • No Dual Custody, (Maker Checker)

  • Corrupt Files, Complete Data Loss

  • Fines/Penalties for non compliance 

  • High Risk of Human error in Excel sheets

  • Time consuming manual preparation of reports with consolidated data from different sources

  • No process Automation

  • No automated notifications and reminders

  • No integrated workflow

  • Highly insecure emailing of Sensitive data in Excel sheets around organisation to share 

  • Cannot cope with high volume of data 

Before DataKraft

High Risk and Exposure

  • Full Audit Trail 

  • Complete user access control down to individual field level 

  • Dual Custody (maker Checker)

  • Zero data loss in secure database

  • Compliance Assured

  • Human error controlled with data validation, & rules

  • Automate reports from multiple data sources with complex processing and calculations

  • Email notifications directing to application but sharing no sensitive information/attachments

  • Synchronous Multiple users 

  • High Volume data without performance problems   

Peace of Mind

After DataKraft 

“DataKraft have been instrumental in designing a ground up system which allows us monitor and control our Quality Auditing and allow us to retain our ISO accreditation.

Without doubt our business is stronger as a result of our longstanding relationship

with DataKraft.

Longstanding Client - Ethos Engineering


John Coroner, Director, Ethos Engineering

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