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Join our Team

DataKraft is looking for talented, highly competent individuals that thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, and are constantly learning and growing beyond their comfort zone.


Are you one of us?

Do you get bored easily when you are not challenged?

Do you hate to be micro managed?

Do your colleagues always trust that your work is

consistently excellent

Do you constantly strive to be even better?

Are you service minded and use your skills and creativity to deliver value to clients whenever you see the opportunity?

Do you raise up the colleagues around you?

Can you accept constructive criticism as an opportunity to grow?

Do you have a sense of personal responsibility about your work, your working environment and your colleagues. 

If this sounds like you please check the available positions, we look forward to meeting you.

Mid/Senior Software Implementation Consultant

A good match goes in 2 directions so we will not be a good fit for you if 

You prefer a no pressure environment

You prefer a repetitive routine and predictable work within your comfort zone

You don't want to be asked to work outside your existing skill set

You prefer to be closely supervised 

DataKraft is an equal opportunity employer. You will not be discriminated against based on Gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, country of origin, skin colour, or any other attribute. 

See further details on our Diversity and Inclusion Policy here 

We do care about your work, and if you interact with your colleagues and clients with respect and professional courtesy. We care how you will represent yourself and DataKraft while engaging with our clients.

We trust our team, and we don't need to employ special monitoring tools to watch over our employees even while working from home.

Our Ethos

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