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The GS1 Ireland DataKraft MIS is a custom-built license and member management solution. 

The platform actively supports the running of the business and the effective management of business-critical data in one single flexible solution.

It is continually evolving as we deliver new services and value to our members.

Mike Byrne, CEO of GS1 Ireland

GS1 global standards are the most widely used supply chain standards in the world. Over 2 million organisations across the globe use GS1 Standards today, to identify, capture and share information about their products, services, locations and assets.

The principal role of GS1 Ireland is to administer the licencing of GS1 Numbers to users in Ireland. These numbers are used by organisations to power myriads of systems that enable businesses to operate more efficiently, safely and sustainably. The GS1 System of Standards encompasses GS1 Identification Numbers and GS1 Barcodes, GS1 eCommerce for business transaction exchanges, GS1 GDSN for data synchronisation & master data management services and GS1 EPCglobal for radio frequency identification (RFID) applications.

In addition to maintaining and developing standards for the above technologies, GS1 Ireland also provides a range of relevant professional and advisory services for its user organisations, including project and implementation management, education, training, and verification services.

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Features of the DataKraft License and Member Management Platform

  • Manage the complete GS1 number bank for Ireland

    • Number ranges allocations, License Management, Cancellations, License transfers, Auto creating of licenses and emailing to members

  • Web Integration for new member and new license applications

  • Integration with barcode generator

  • Members & Prospects management

  • Service Invoicing, Membership annual invoicing

  • Accounts software integration,  revenue forecasting

  • Automated data Export

  • Extracting required data for GS1 Global 

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