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DataKraft Features 

Every application built with DataKraft has these features

  • Fast #NoCode Design & customisation

  • Full Audit Trail to field level for full traceability and accountability

  • User access Control - customizable security groups, data visibility and editability configurable down to an individual field level

  • Dual Custody configurable on every table for maker checker

  • Email Notifications

  • Data Validation Rules

  • Normalised non-proprietary database (MS SQL Server)

  • Custom Reports (PDF, Excel, Word)

  • Dashboards (Charts, Grids, Gantt charts, Actions, drill down to source data)

  • Fully Responsive – Web, Mobile, Tablets

  • No Fixed entity Model - No constraints as with some other platforms

  • Integration with other data sources

  • Complex data processing and calculations

  • Excel Data Export from all Grids with appropriate security access

  • Column level database encryption for highly sensitive data

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