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"Without doubt our business is stronger as a result of our longstanding relationship with DataKraft"

John Coroner, Director, Ethos Engineering

A Partnership for Growth

"Ethos Engineering have been in a solid growth cycle for over 10 years. In this time DataKraft became our partner of choice for our project control and reporting system. Back then we had less than 30 engineers working in the business. Through the years of growth DataKraft have allowed us to understand our business and help us grow to over 100 engineers today.


We have worked with DataKraft to consistently tailor and grow our bespoke systems to give us the information we need to view all our project status in real time. Our system allows tracking of our projects on both effort and finances to give us a full overview of the health of the project. The real time project information has been integrated with our accounting system so the information is available in various reports for management use.


DataKraft have also been instrumental in designing a ground up system which allows us monitor and control our Quality Auditing and allow us to retain our ISO accreditation. It includes performance reviews and sign off of packages which have helped us get closer to our goal of “Right First Time” documentation delivery to our clients.


DataKraft is powerful and adaptive. With the Covid 19 pandemic they quickly created a system to allow us to book people into the office. This allows us to control the numbers in the office at any time and allows us to track and trace those who have been on premises. This has been invaluable in these times in helping us keep our staff safe.


Without doubt our business is stronger as a result of our longstanding relationship with DataKraft."

John Coroner, Director, Ethos Engineering

Ethos Engineering provides mechanical and electrical consultancy services to the residential, commercial, micro-electronic, healthcare, municipal, hi-tech, data centre, pharmaceutical, and sports & leisure sectors. 

Ethos Engineering has the following modules

  • Financial Reporting

  • Budget Planning 

  • Company KPI dashboards

  • Projects administration - Planning, Management and Cost and time control

  • Staff Expenses management

  • Leave management 

  • Company Leads management

  • Internal audits tracking and audit documents administration

  • Project time management (Submit, Project cost to date calculation)

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